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PETS PROJECT 500mg CBD OIL (Bacon Flavor)

Our broad-spectrum CBD oil is extracted from organically grown hemp plants in Colorado Springs, ColoradoOur premium CBD oil is known for its extremely high quality and overall effectiveness. We can't stress enough about our extreme attention to detail and quality of all of our CBD products. 

Our natural flavored tinctures contain strictly broad-spectrum CBD extract (0% THC) & hemp seed oil.

*Each bottle is 30mL. An entire dropper is 1mL. Generally a bottle will last an entire month if used daily as recommended!

When you purchase from Pets Project, you can have the peace of mind knowing you are receiving the highest quality ingredients available. 

This bundle includes:

1 x 500mg CBD oil (30mL)




General Questions

Generally if used daily (1mL), a bottle will last 30 days.

Use the recommended starting dosage found on our labels. Increase after two weeks of daily usage. You can double the dosage as time goes on. Reach out to our live chat for specific questions.

On average depending on the size and weight of your pet it takes about 20-30 minutes for the CBD to start taking effect. A dosage will usually last 4-6 hours.

The best way to administer CBD is through the dropper, if your pup does not like the taste, you may mix with food. Add a little extra due to the oil being mixed with food.


We ship daily M-F. If your order today, your order will ship tomorrow.

Thousands of dog owners and dogs benefit from our natural and safe CBD products every month.

If you stick to a routine and increase dosage when needed, you will find CBD to be amazing for your pets.