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Return & cancellation Policy

Non-Subscription Refund

We will issue a refund of the purchase price on any unused and unopened product postmarked within 30 days of receipt. Credits will be issued only to the account used for the original purchase.

You must return the remaining product in its original, unopened packaging to qualify for a refund. Only one refund may be requested per customer per shipment. Once we receive your return, please allow up to four weeks for processing. Refunds will be applied within 14 days after your return is processed but may not appear on your statement for one to two billing cycles. Customers are responsible for shipping costs to return product.

Subscription Refunds

We ONLY provide refunds on your first subscription purchase.

The customer is responsible for contacting our customer service or canceling their subscription themselves before the next order is processed. If your subscription is not cancelled before the order processing date we will not refund your order. Pets Project is able to provide a cheaper rate for subscriptions for long term use. You can cancel anytime prior to your next purchase.

Subscriptions are for customers who intentionally want to use our product for an extended amount of time. We ask that you do NOT sign up for a subscription on your first order.

Email: with your cancellation request or login to your account here: Login

All returns require a Return Authorization Number, which can be obtained from a member of our Customer Service Team at