All about CBD

Each tincture is 30mL. An entire dropper that comes with the tincture is 1mL. This will generally last you the whole month if used daily.

Absolutely NOT. CBD Is a safe, legal substance that is grown organically. You dog will not feel any sort of "high" or any side effects.

Use the recommended starting dosage found on our labels. Increase after two weeks of daily usage. You can double the dosage as time goes on. Reach out to our live chat for specific questions.

On average depending on the size and weight of your pet it takes about 20-30 minutes for the CBD to start taking effect. A dosage will usually last 4-6 hours.

You can administer our Pets Project CBD Oil directly into the mouth of your pet with the dropper or drip over food. Most customers have found it easiest over a meal.

Pets Project main focus is to deliver the highest quality CBD available to the market. All of our CBD is grown in our hemp fields in Denver, Colorado. Many other CBD brands do not focus on giving you the finest quality CBD. Another reason why we are so amazing is that we have 24/7 live customer support to help with any questions or concerns regarding your order or CBD in general.

Shipping & Handling

We ship in the United States and the UK.

Shipping takes around 3-4 days, If you choose expedited shipping it will take 2-3 days. Our CBD is extremely high quality and takes time to finish each batch.


For individual orders we will allow a refund if it is your first order. If you chose a subscription option we generally do not allow returns. We guarantee replacements on any order if the item is broken or missing. If you have an issue with your order we will try to resolve it with a new item or a different item.

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