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About Us

Who is Pets Project?

Pets Project's aims at providing CBD products to animals suffering from joint pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, and other symptoms. Considering the expensive cost of medications required for the treatment of these ailments, especially without insurance, the founders sought more natural and organic methods of treatment that would be not only inexpensive but also effective. CBD fulfills all these requirements and is relatively safe, unlike regular medications which come with harmful side effects.

By offering premium quality CBD products in the form of oils and dog treats, Pets Project seeks to meet the health needs of pets through a healthier and inexpensive route. 


Our main focus as a company is to be completely transparent and provide leading quality products with excellent customer service. We quickly answer all emails, and direct messages on our social media platforms.

We are sure you noticed how active we are on social media! Our goal is to educate and inform everyone the benefits of CBD. The next few years will be our mission to increase our educational information, and get our brand across the internet.

How Did Pets Project Start?

Having grown up surrounded by dogs; by virtue of his aunt's animal shelters and mother's breeding business, Drew Evans had a clear glimpse of the problems of neglect and lack of adequate medical care which most dogs experience.

After sampling and experiencing the incredibly quick effects of CBD, Drew and Alex decided to dive into the new market and calling upon years of experience in the product branding industry and a passion for dogs, they started Pets Project.



Pets Project CBD Soft Chew Treats

The bacon-flavored CBD treats are soft and chewy, providing your furry friends with an enjoyable experience while providing relief to their health needs. As a CBD infused product, these dog treats contain the major therapeutic agents which provide relief to a range of health conditions via its interaction with the body's endocannabinoid system.


Pets Project CBD Oils

Pets Project CBD oil is made from 100% organic CBD oil. As a sign of quality and dedication to all your pet needs, we make sure our full-spectrum CBD oil is 100% organic, gluten-free with no fillers, preservatives, microbiological and toxins. Its vegan-friendly and non-GMO nature makes it the perfect remedy for all pet-related conditions, including anxiety, inflammation and pain relief.