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Original Pets Project CBD Soft Chew Treats
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Dad hat
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Pet Toothbrush
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Portable Pet Waterbottle
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Doggy Waterproof Shoes
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Feedback From Our Customers & Their Experience With Our Products.

I heard about Pets Project from Instagram and have always worried about my dogs anxiety! It fixed a LOT of my huskies anxiety he would get at night.

Kelly Perther

My pit would get horrible anxiety when I left for work or when I had guests over. I would give him some oil right before and it would provide lots of relief.

Robert Kraft

My dog whined and cried everyday before work and this extremely helped calm her down! I usually finish a bottle once a month

Ashley Thompson

Joint pain was the biggest reason I purchased their CBD Oil. Is really helped my older pup Max with his pain. Thank you!

Dennis Jenkins

If you have owned a puppy long enough you know the jitters they get. I love Pets Project Oil because it solved all of that. And its healthy.

Drew Winton

My cat has horrible joint pain. She is 13 years old. I buy Pets Project oil every month and put it in her food. It helps her move around much easier.

Jannett Cohen
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